see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil - 3 imagined audience members
 dance hall ceiling - a floating figure pointing to the domed space
 dancers on stage - first came the figures and then the stage edge
 a colonnade - kirk brandon’s shoulders as steps, hands on the colonnade roof, balcony and ramp
 the dancer, the building, the horizon, the aircraft
 drawn upside down, this is the divers view, jumping from the board looking down towards the diving tower, doorway, steps and black rocks
 looking up from the bottom of the stepped pool there are swirling architectural elements
 sun temple - a rock climber takes the difficult route. the yellow temple clings to the mountain slope in the distance
 sun temple structure - there is no exterior, just a stepped floor and roof, curved columns holding up a conical dome with a blue faceted inside face. an orange backdrop of mountain slope and sky.
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